Warning: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Mi-Pod Metal Display Bundle

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20 Mi-Pod Kits
    - 5 Rainbow Metal 
    - 5 Black Metal
    - 5 Silver Metal 
     -5 Gold Metal
40 Refillable 2 Pack Pods


Display size: 224*187*402mm

Mi-pod technical specifications: >  Power Mode: Full-power Output  >  Working Mode: Auto Switch & Power Button  >  Output Voltage: 3.0-4.2V  > Maximum Current: 15A  > Battery: Built-in 950mAh Square High-Drain Lithium Battery. >  Cartridge Resistance Range: 1.2 ohm   >  Power Display: Blue, Purple and Red. Mi-pod Main Features >  Compact Size and Big Battery Capacity   >  Stealth Mode >  Replaceable Cartridge (Disposable/Refillable)  >  Top E-juice Filling and Anti-leaking System  >  OAS System ( Oil and Air Separated)  >  Auto Switch & Power On/Off Button    >  Power Display: Blue, Purple and Red   >  10 Seconds Cut Off >  Short Circuit Protection >  Low Voltage Protection  Low Resistance Protection  Over Heating Protection (PCBA Temperature). Mi-pod kit contenyts >  1 Mi-Pod Device >  2 Refillable Pods >  1 Micro USB Charging Cable >  1 User Manual

Mi-pod size: 51mm x 13.5mm x 60mm Compact & Big Battery, 950mAh Lithium Ion Battery, Output Voltage 3.0 V - 4.2 V, Maximum Current 15A, Cartridge Resistance 0.5 - 3.5 ohm, stealth mode, 2ml refillable pods, pass through- charger,

 Hold the power button for 5 seconds. The light will flash 2 times. This will indicate that the stealth mode  is active. No light will illuminate when inhaling. To turn the light back on, hold the button for 5 seconds again.   The light will flash 2 times indicating that the stealth mode is inactivated. Instructions for use: 1.  E-Juice Filling: Take out the cartridge and open the cover, inject directly  into the chambered slot and put the cover back. 2.  Install: Put the filled cartridge into the Mi-pod body properly.  3.  On/Off: Press the button rapidly 5 times, the button will flash 5 times to indicate the Mi-pod is ready to use. In the same way the Mi-pod  will turn off after 5 presses.  4.  Vaping: Start to inhale and the  window light will turn on at the  same time.

the Mi-pod has refillable 2ml pods. Fill the pod with your favorite juice and go anywhere.

The Mi-Pod brings a whole new vaping experience with style.

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My Life. My Style. Mi-Pod.

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